Before and After

Below are some examples of my restorations.

Bye Lo “Great Putnam”

Bye Lo “Great Putnam” — before Bye Lo “Great Putnam” — after

Bye Lo is in very bad condition, with heavy cracking, crazing, and lifting. She had to be completely restored and painted before she could be sold.

Armand Marseille “Dream Baby”

Armand Marseille “Dream Baby” — before Armand Marseille “Dream Baby” — after

This Dream Baby's body required repair to the right arm and replacement fingers. His eyes were also reset.

Effanby Patsy

Feffanby Patsy — before Effanby Patsy — after

Effanby Patsy has a lot of lifting on her face, and part of the paint is completely gone around the eyes, nose, and mouth. The only restoration required is repairing the lifting and matching the new paint to her original finish.

After undergoing only minimal restoration, Patsy is back to her original beauty.


Kestner — before Kestner — after

This doll's bisque head was broken and in need of repair. Again, this was a minimal restoration: Only the break was repaired, and the area around it was repainted to match the original finish.

Kammer & Reinhardt

Kammer & Reinhardt — before Kammer & Reinhardt — after

This is a picture of a Kammer & Reinhardt with very severe crazing all over the head, and missing some areas of the head itself. The head had to be completely resurfaced to restore its original form.